Exchanges and Returns

  • Conditions

    All purchases made in the physical Cantê store or in the online store at are subject to Portuguese law. 

    Cantê accepts exchanges/returns of articles within the deadlines mentioned below and according to the store where the articles were purchased. 
    For an exchange/return to be successfully carried out, the item must be delivered in its perfect condition, in the same way it was sold and accompanied by the respective invoice, labels, hygienic protector, bag, etc. 
    We do not exchange/return altered, washed, used, with odors or in any way damaged by misuse of the same. 

    For some bikinis of the Swimwear Cantê 2024 collection, it will be possible to buy tops and bottoms with different sizes. However, these bikinis will always be sold as a set - it is compulsory to buy both parts of the same model, and they cannot be exchanged/returned separately. If you need to exchange/return a set, it is compulsory to deliver both parts, even if you only want to exchange the size of one of them.

    Cantê is not responsible for the misuse of its articles, nor for their incorrect washing. We always suggest you consult the section CARE AND WASHING INSTRUCTIONS. 

    Before each purchase we also suggest that you consult the SIZES GUIDE section, in order to make the most informed purchase possible. 
    The customer support team will be happy to help if you have any questions. 
    The physical store and the online store work with different stocks and are subject to different regulations.

  • Physical store

    For purchases made in physical stores, the customer has 14 days after the purchase to make exchanges/returns. 

    Please always check the store hours.

    The reasons why customers may request an exchange or return within the above mentioned period are as follows: 
    01. The item is large 
    02. The item is small 
    03. I don't like the template 
    04. I changed my mind 
    In the physical store we do not refund the purchase amount in cash, ATM or credit card. The amount will be returned in a Cantê card (see section OFFER CARD) that can be used for 3 years, in all physical Cantê stores. 
    If the client exchanges an article for another of a lower value, the difference will also be returned in a Cantê Card. 
    Exchanges made in the physical store are restricted only to the stock existing in the physical store at the time of the exchange.

    • Online store

      According to Decree-Law No 24/2014 of February 14, the customer has 14 days to cancel his order or, after receiving it at the address chosen, request an exchange/return. 

      If you choose to pick up your order at the physical Cantê store, the 14 days start from the day you receive notification that your order is ready to be picked up at the store.

      The reasons why customers can request an exchange or return within the above mentioned period are as follows: 
      01. The item is large 
      02. The item is small 
      03. I don't like the template 
      04. I changed my mind 
      05. The item is not as I imagined *. 
      * the photos are taken in high definition with the aim of reproducing each of the products in detail. 
      Different devices may influence the color of the image and therefore may not correspond 100% to reality. 
      On printed items, the position of the design may vary within the same model. For more information, see details on each model's page. 
      Items purchased at the online store can be exchanged in all physical stores and returned at the Chiado and Restelo physical stores (with no associated costs) if the client so wishes, without prior information that he/she is going to do so, within the above mentioned deadlines. 
      If you choose to return items to the Chiado or Restelo store, the refund will be processed within 15 working days for the same payment method used in the purchase. 
      In online exchanges/returns, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the client. We recommend that the items be sent to us by carrier or registered mail. 
      Exchanges made at the online store , are restricted only to the stock on hand at the time of exchange. 
      We do not make reserves and, for this reason, the item will only be out of stock at the time the exchange is processed. The exchange will only take place when we receive the item at our facilities and it successfully passes our quality control.

    • Online exchange/return procedure

      - Exchanges: 

      Once the item arrives at our atelier and successfully passes our quality control, we will contact you by email to inform you if the item you have chosen for exchange is available. 
      If so, we will immediately send you our IBAN for payment of shipping costs and the difference in value between items (if the chosen model is more expensive than the previous one). As soon as we receive the proof of payment, the new item will be sent to the address you previously indicated.

      - Returns: 
      Once the item arrives at our atelier and successfully passes our quality control, the refund will be made by the same payment method used in the order. 
      Returns have a maximum of 10 working days to be made after receiving the article in Atelier Cantê. 
      If the chosen item is already sold out at the time of exchange, you can choose other items available for immediate purchase on our website or transfer the amount to a cantê gift card (see section OFFER CARD). 
      When exchanges are sent outside the European Union, cantê is not responsible for delays and customs costs. 
      These will be at the expense of the customer.

    • How to make exchanges/returns online

      1. send your article together with the invoice to: Atelier Cantê, Rua Gonçalves Zarco, 2a - 1400-191 Lisbon. 

      2. Send an e-mail to with the following information: 
      - Full name 
      - e-mail to which you want to be contacted 
      - Phone number 
      - Address where you wish to receive your new item 
      - Invoice number and date 
      - Reference and size of the article you wish to exchange or return 
      - Reference and size of the item you wish to receive or indication of return, if you wish so 
      - If you made the payment through ATM or MBWAY, please provide us with your IBAN

    • Purchase in physical store and exchange by carrier/mail

      In order to provide the best service to its customers, Cantê makes it possible to exchange articles purchased in the physical store through the online store, sending the articles by mail. 

      However, since these are items purchased in the physical store, any exchange is subject to the exchange policy of the physical store. Thus, we do not return the purchase value in cash, ATM card or credit and the value will be returned in 
      will be returned in Gift Card, which can be used for 3 years in the Cantê store and at . 
      If the customer exchanges an item for another of lesser value, the difference will also be returned in Cantê Gift Card. 
      The shipping costs associated with these exchanges are the responsibility of the client. 
      We suggest that shipping be done by a carrier or registered mail.